Putin Pummels the PC Police

Vladimir Putin is not your typical politician.  Anyone who has heard him speak, of course, knows that he doesn’t mince his words or suffer fools gladly, and I’m delighted to say he was in top form at his December 20 annual news conference in Moscow.  One particularly amusing exchange during the event illustrates this dynamic perfectly.

About halfway through the conference, Putin is questioned by a woman who claims to be a Slav married to an Avar (an ethnic group from violent Dagestan), but the conversation immediately gets off on the wrong foot when Putin openly doubts her ethnicity, and, in effect, her honesty.  Looking, I’m sure, at her black hair, complexion, and facial features, the president remarks, “You yourself look like an Avar”.  Though the woman good-naturedly sloughs off the assertion, it’s pretty clear from the get-go that this isn’t going to go well for her.

Yet she presses on with her complaint, which can be summarized as, “Don’t you think that there are too many blond-haired, blue-eyed people in Russian TV ads, and more specifically, the soldiers in the Kremlin regiment?  Do you not think so?”

Putin, looking directly at her, delivers a simple nyet (“No I do not”), but it’s the directness and finality of the statement that seems to throw the woman off her guard, because I’m pretty sure she expected him to at least try to explain himself, if not offer to placate her in some way.  Indeed, a Western politician, when confronted with such a terrible accusation (“Your ‘White privilege’ is showing!”) would immediately reaffirm a commitment to “diversity” and “multiculturalism”, and then offer to flagellate himself for the sin of his skin color.  But Putin’s answer makes it obvious that he was dismissing her grievance out-of-hand because it wasn’t even worthy of discussion. 

Clearly uncomfortable now, the woman meekly follows up with,  “You do not.  Then it just seemed so to me…” and Putin at once succinctly and stonily affirms “It just seems like that to you”, as if he is hypnotizing an imbecile.

Basically, Putin scoffed at this poor misguided soul, who thought she could pull the same kind of politically correct stunt that works 99% of the time with most any Western politician.  But she wasn’t dealing with just any Western politician.  She was dealing with Vladimir Putin, who gave her precisely nothing in return for her efforts.  In fact, he embarrassed her on international TV by simply, in effect, ignoring her whining.  

One can only hope that Western politicians will at long last take a page from Putin’s playbook and start to push back against the (((cultural Marxists))) constantly pushing their insane agendas upon us all.   These groups are so used to being able to bully and intimidate simply by name-calling and race-baiting that they don’t even know how to react when someone actually fights back and simply says “No” or “So what?”  It’s actually amusing.  Like Putin’s would-be interrogator, they just don’t know how to handle it.  That’s why, the next time a libtard throws the race card up in the face of a White Western politico, I’d love to see him do as Putin does, and “Just say no” to the usual groveling and pandering these jackasses have come to expect, and “just say yes” to nyet.

See the entire video here:

(The woman in question starts at about 2:43:11)

For those who are interested, here’s a partial transcript of the exchange:

Yelena Yeskina: Thank you very much Mr President, first of all from the cameramen because it appears that my flag was in their way. But do not worry, the flag was the longest but my question will be brief. My name is Yelena.

Vladimir Putin: The Russian flag cannot be in anybody’s way.

Yelena Yeskina: You see, camera operators. So, my name is Yelena Yeskina, and I am a journalist of the Dagestan State Television And Radio Broadcasting Company.

We live in a multi-ethnic country and this is wonderful, is it not?

Vladimir Putin: It is very good.

Yelena Yeskina: Here is my brief question. I will just add a little. I am indeed lucky because I live in a multi-ethnic country…

Vladimir Putin: Please say a few words about yourself. Go ahead please.

Yelena Yeskina: …in the multi-ethnic republic of Dagestan and plus in a multi-ethnic family. I am Russian and my husband is Avar, so our children do not really look Slavic.

Vladimir Putin: You yourself look like an Avar.

Yelena Yeskina: Really?

Vladimir Putin: Yes, a bit.

Yelena Yeskina: Must be all the years of living in Dagestan.

Vladimir Putin: Indeed. (Laughter)

Yelena Yeskina: After I had children, I started paying attention to what they show on Russian television. Very often, if not always, they show in ads beautiful children – so fair, with light hair, light eyes, big blue eyes.

And I started wondering where the other types, for instance Mongoloids, were. After all, Russia is multi-ethnic; we have about 200 ethnic groups. Let us take a regiment, the main regiment of the country– the Kremlin regiment and the guys there look Slavic. There is an unspoken requirement that Slavic guys should form this regiment. Do you not think so?

Vladimir Putin: No, I do not.

Yelena Yeskina: You do not. Then it just seemed so to me. Okay, Then I will just ask you…

Vladimir Putin: It just seems like that to you.

Yelena Yeskina: Probably it does, I apologise.


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