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Rating Outer Banks Tourist Activities

You have to want to go here pretty badly, because it is way off the normal routes, which whisk you up and down the Interstates without even coming close to these high-duned beaches, yet the Outer Banks do offer up … Continue reading

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Charleston Vs Savannah

Many people, when visiting the Southern seaboard, will take side trips to both Savannah and Charleston, often at the same time, since they’re only about two hours apart. Both are justifiably recommended as great tourist destinations. But if you can … Continue reading

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Savannah On My Mind

You can tell a lot about a town by the way they treat strangers and vacationers. I’ve only been walking around Savannah with a map and a camera for about a half-hour before two people stop to ask me if … Continue reading

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Hurricane Irma

The sign in front of a closed bar in Cocoa Beach says it all: “Go Away Irma, You Bitch!” In the immortal words of George Patton, you’ve gotta love such eloquence, especially when it’s bolstered by reports that potential victims … Continue reading

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RV Blues

I’m driving up to the Carolinas with my RV trailer in tow in order to “to get away from it all”. In the context of leaving my home at the beach that might sound a bit incongruous, kind of like … Continue reading

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On Miracles

I have been dabbling in some pretty risky investment vehicles for the last couple of years, and when I say risky, I mean that a craps table is like an AAA bond in comparison. Anyway, in one of those accounts … Continue reading

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President Trump- You’re Fired!

Mr. President: Your employment with the United States of America is terminated effective immediately due to a lack of integrity, a flagrant disregard for international law, and your repeated failure to perform the duties of your position.

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