Lies, Damned Lies, and the POD People

We live in an age of sloganeering, where soundbites, bumper stickers, and tweets are accepted as dogma by those who uncritically lap it up like pigs at a trough, even as the slogans themselves are never examined for truth or even the rough approximation of a definition. Lies, repeated often enough, become the truth, as Goebbels well knew, and the US news media has taken that approach and applied it to the USA today in ways that would make the Nazis proud. The globalist agenda is always at the fore in each and every story, and all too often the “ism” or Wokespeak they spew is not only NOT true, it is the exact opposite of reality. But because it is drilled into our brains through the media, the entertainment industry, and the Educational-Institutional complex (EIC) on a round-the-clock basis, it is a useful tool for the POD (Pharisees, oligarchs, and Deep State apparatchiks) people that rule us. Yet even a cursory examination of this propaganda reveals it for what it is: bald-faced, deliberate lying designed not to uplift or inform but to condemn and misdirect.

For example, we were told during the COVID epidemic that “We’re all in this together.” In this United Nations pamphlet, we also learn that “no one is safe until the whole world is safe,” which is, of course, impossible, but what it serves to do is justify the existence of the U.N. in perpetuity, since there is no metric assigned to measure when “the whole world” is actually safe and the definition of “safe” is left to the imagination-it’s just a feeling, and feelings can be manipulated far easier than hard data can. But “We’re all in this together” also implies that we are all somehow required to equally sacrifice for the greater good to “beat COVID,” which is a twisted lie. A liberal friend of mine remarked to me recently that she thought her governor, Gretchen Whitmer, had done a marvelous job by cracking down hard when the WuFlu hit Michigan by closing schools and businesses. Yet while many thousands of people in her state lost their businesses, their homes, and their mental health during this period, and many a child’s education was sacrificed on the altar of “public safety,” she was completely unaffected, since her government pension checks just kept rolling in (as did her husband’s THREE .gov pensions). So, when the POD people tell us that “We’re all in this together,” the proper response is, “Who’s we, Kemosabe?” Not the folks knocking down fat pensions and paychecks on the backs of working men and women. Working, that is, until a dictatorial governor panicked and shut them down. 

Or let’s examine the phrase “Black Lives Matter.” On the surface, who could argue with that? No one. But that’s not what the term really means. What the POD people mean by BLM is that White lives don’t matter, or they matter a whole lot less than black lives. See the recent controversy involving Kanye West at the Paris fashion show for proof of that. It clarified for us plebes that while all men may in theory matter equally, all races most definitely do not. White people, according to the (((Narrative))), have done nothing throughout history except enslave and colonize dark-skinned folks to the detriment of the entire planet, and so they must forever atone for their sins, preferably by ceasing to exist (but hopefully not before they write huge checks to the ne’er-do-wells among them). Leaving aside how preposterous this idea is for the moment, it’s not exactly clear how that squares with the phrase “Black Lives Matter,” nor is it clear how shouting that slogan while rioting, stealing, and killing brings you immunity from prosecution, while the January 6 protesters, who are basically guilty, at most, of trespassing or disorderly conduct, have been held in jail for the past two years without bail.

“Diversity is our strength,” said no one ever until the POD people took over. No, UNITY is a strength. Diversity, at least cultural or ethnic diversity, creates divisions within society. These divisions can be overcome, but it takes a whole lot of time and effort to do it, and they never completely disappear. That doesn’t mean we shouldn’t try, but let’s not pretend that, somehow, it’s a strength, since we’re all so very different that, three or four hundred years later, we’re still waiting on the Melting Pot to really come to a nice simmer instead of a hard boil in this country. And once again, to point out the hypocrisy of the liberals I personally know, one of them who spouts all of the multi-culti talking points is living in the Whitest major city in America (Portland). If race is just a social construct, as he is wont to tell me, why doesn’t he move to Baltimore or St Louis, where he can enjoy all the diversity he can handle (maybe more, based on the murder rate). We vote with our feet. If you live in the Whitest city, there’s a reason for that. And it isn’t because you embrace diversity. But I guess, in the New World Order, I’m racist for noticing that.

How, as I’m asked to do by bumper stickers and idiots, can I “Save the Planet?” What is meant by “save”, exactly? Recycling I can get behind, and I’m all for punishing polluters, but that’s not what the POD people mean by “Save the Planet.” No, what they really mean is they want you to give up every modern convenience and revert back to a Bronze Age existence, but not, once again (see BLM above), before you give all of your money to Greenpeace or the Democratic Party (remember to set aside 10% for the big guy, though). And a related slogan is simply “Global Warming.” Is the “globe” warming? Maybe. It certainly has warmed and cooled quite a bit in the past. I’m a bit skeptical though, of people who can’t predict the weekend forecast accurately expecting us to shred our industrial base (ours, but not China’s!) because they think an ecological catastrophe will strike in the next (ten, twenty, or one hundred years-I’ve heard them all) if we don’t. And once again, if Barack Hussein Obama really thought that sea levels were going to rise precipitously, he wouldn’t have built an oceanfront mansion in Marthas’ Vineyard, would he? Remember, we vote with our feet. So does he. Besides, I remember when I was an impressionable young kid reading a book predicting a disaster from Global cooling. I also remember when I excitedly told my Dad (an engineer) about it. He just looked at me, shook his head gently, and said “Son, don’t believe everything you hear.” 

That was good advice then, and good advice now, and not just for me, but for everyone, especially the Climate Kooks. But there’s absolutely no chance that will happen. Why? Because plenty of folks make tons of money “researching” global warming. No one will ever get a fat grant for proving that “the planet” is just hunky-dory, just as few newscasters will stay on the air if they point out the violence endemic in the BLM movement. No, most of them make a fine living by predicting and saying what they are told to report to the hoi polloi by the POD people. As an example, I have another friend, a biology professor at a small but extremely exclusive private school, who told me many years ago about how he came to believe in global warming. It had to do with studying the weather data collected from different parts of the world over the last one hundred years or so. He said his research showed a very small increase in temperatures over that same period of time. I asked him if the statistics he studied didn’t leave out huge parts of the earth, since I doubted that many records were kept in Antarctica, for example, before it was mapped and explored, or before we had sensors positioned on small bodies of water like, say, the Pacific Ocean. He assured me that they did indeed have good enough records to draw accurate conclusions. “But,” I continued, “Even if your data is accurate, how do you know that trend will continue?” He told me they had computer modelling that forecasted the likely outcome, and besides, internal combustion engines are evil (OK, I just made that last part up, but it really was the essence of his argument-men caused it, and no argument!). So, he was all in on the global warming agenda. I’m sure it’s just a fortunate coincidence that it pays him so very well to think that way.

And so it goes. “No human is illegal” means no human action is illegal, so long as it’s the right kind of human. If a Mexican breaks into the USA and isn’t apprehended for a few years, he’s a “dreamer” and deserves citizenship even If he sells fentanyl to minors. If a White person wants to immigrate to the US, all they have to do is hire a lawyer, get a sponsor, learn the language, have a clean criminal record, take a medical exam, and prove they have a prospective employer.

“I support Ukraine” means let’s weaken Russia even if it means the end of Ukraine. “Iraq has WMDs” means no they don’t. Rainbow heart “Love is Love” signs really mean love is sodomy. “Science is Real” unless the “science” doesn’t give the POD people more power. And on and on it goes and when it stops, I think we all know. It never stops. It’s evil, yes, but then we have become what Reagan once called an “Evil empire.” The Russians threw that yoke off long ago. It’s time we did the same.

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1 Response to Lies, Damned Lies, and the POD People

  1. Becky Fay says:

    Becky here…are you in Hobbit House? Haven’t heard from you on blog or FB lately. Living off the grid?
    I have opportunity to do RTW cruise for couple years….you are more a political master than I. Would love your thoughts.
    Hope all is well and happy for you.

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