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American Health Care-How Long Can You Afford $50 a Minute?

I just got out of the hospital ER, and, while I’m pretty sure I’m going to live, my wallet is terminal, and there’s still some steam coming from my ass after they breeched me like a cheap shotgun. 

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One Week In Belize-A Vacation Itinerary

  OK, so I really spent more like 10 days in Belize, but most anyone going here would be well advised to sandwich a work week between weekends as I did.  Here’s my travel itinerary. 

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Best Snorkeling in Belize

So, much has been written about diving Belize.  That’s no surprise, given the country’s incredible SCUBA spots, including, of course, the famous Blue Hole.  But what about snorkelers?  Aren’t there any good locations for those who prefer to swim free … Continue reading

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