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Hope and Change, 2016

2015: It’s all over but the crying now, and it wasn’t a good year at all. It brought us more unemployment, more war, more illegal immigration, more terrorism, and less beauty and sanity than any year I can remember since … Continue reading

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Paying Bribes in the Third World-or, how not to spend your day in Santo Domingo

I am sitting in my rental car on an obscure side street in Santo Domingo while a member of the Dominican Republic’s finest fleeces me for $60.  This is way more than I’m used to having to pay for a … Continue reading

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The Dominican Republic – How to choose the best beach for your vacation

So, you’re coming to the Dominican Republic for a beach vacation, and you are wondering how to pick the right place. Most likely, you’re considering an all-inclusive resort, and those are indeed a great choice for a hassle-free vacation! But … Continue reading

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Piriapolis Expats

  “Did you know that the idea of a round planet was really a conspiracy between Copernicus and the church? After all, they’ve lied to us before…” This is spoken by Jack, one of a group of expats in Piriapolis … Continue reading

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Of Dirigibles and Gothic Towers

There was a time, back when we thought wars were gone forever, when we made magnificent buildings, automobiles, and flying machines. Bridges of stunning grace spanned our waterways for the first time. Finely crafted cars were prized more for their … Continue reading

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Harriet's Secret-Movie Review

If you’ve ever walked away from a movie, as I have, forgetting the entire premise and even the name of the damned thing even before you got home, then you always treasure those rare cinematic jewels that keep you talking … Continue reading

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Don't ever talk to a Canadian about…(Part 1)

Health care “So, if you’re sick, can you get in to see your doctor right away?” I ask my new Canadian bar buddies. “Yes,” says one. “No”, says another. “Depends,” says a third.

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Don't ever talk to a Canadian about…(part 2)

Gun control “Did you hear about the latest school shooting? There was another one and this time three people died,” says the Canadian to me.

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Book review-"Turning the Heart to God"-St. Theophan the Recluse

Saint Theophan the Recluse, Turning the Heart to God, (Ben Lomond, CA: Conciliar Press), 2001 Father Ken Kasich and Iguman Iona Zhiltsov have done a commendable job of translating this slim volume (131 pages) into English from the original Russian. … Continue reading

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Glory Days

So, it’s been 40 years. That’s a long time since my old high school days, but it was surely good to see so many familiar faces at my reunion last weekend.

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