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RV’ing-Does it make sense? Days 2-3-4 Jekyll Island

  The trip up to Jekyll Island is pretty uneventful.  The F250 easily handles the 5’er it’s hauling, and even though there is significant wind shear courtesy of a named storm, it’s as solid as a rock on the road while … Continue reading

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RV’ing- Does it make sense?

An eon ago, I was a perennial road warrior and “million miler” frequent flyer for a Fortune 100 company.  Then I traveled on my own pretty much all over the world.  I’ve taken a lot of cruises, gone on many … Continue reading

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Texas-AKA “Flyover Country”

Texas-AKA flyover country So I’m fueling up my new truck in east Texas cattle country, and for the first time, briefly, I feel like a real Texan.  After all, this beast has a giant diesel motor just like every other … Continue reading

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