I have written my first published novel, Downsized, and it’s now available for purchase via Amazon:

The easiest way to describe the book is via the book jacket blurb about it:

Downsized is a novel for our times. It depicts the story of three friends who struggle through hardship and adventure after they lose their jobs in a corporate downsizing event and are forced to reinvent their lives, both as expats in Costa Rica and as outcasts in the USA. Soon, they find themselves confronted by corruption, betrayal, blackmail, and a looming economic crisis that forces them to put everything–even their lives–on the line. Written in an earthy, contemporary style that combines elements of literary fiction, humor, travel, suspense, and psychological analysis, Downsized blends a variety of genres in the telling of this fascinating story of ordinary people facing extraordinary circumstances as they “take the road less traveled by.”

I hope y’all will enjoy the read!

ps-You may contact me directly if you wish to have an autographed first edition copy. I’m sure that will be worth big bucks some day…:))

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2 Responses to Downsized

  1. Teresa says:

    Who can turn down a signed first edition? Sign me up, please. Thank you.

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