Apres Le Deluge

Culture rots from within. True, outside forces can also cause a decline in moral standards, especially in the wake of a war, and perhaps this is what has happened to Vienna, my most beloved city. There is a culture war going on, and based on what I saw here recently, Christianity and Western Civilization are losing. Badly.

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A Christmas Story

I have written my second novel, “A Christmas Story.” Here’s a summary from the book cover:

“A Christmas Story” is the adventurous tale of three young brothers who discover a hidden icon while staying at their grandparent’s house over the holidays. Intrigued by the mysterious image of St. Nicholas on the picture, they secretly drive an old snowmobile into town to find out more about it. There, they encounter a giant Russian, who recognizes the true value of the object, and he and his henchman kidnap one of the boys, leaving only the two remaining siblings and Santa Claus himself to save the hostage! Yet even after a daring rescue attempt, a magical sleigh ride, and a wild chase through town, the boys are even more surprised to find that things are not always as they seem, and that even the most outwardly monstrous people are not really monsters at all. “A Christmas Story” is written with a humorous, contemporary flair, but the underlying message, about the magic of Christmas and the miraculous healing power of faith and love, is timeless.

It’s available on Amazon here:

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The Case For Bitcoin Manipulation

Just for a minute, put yourself in the shoes of a central Bankster. Your life is pretty good…no, your life is actually very good! You live wherever you want: a penthouse in Manhattan, a flat in London, an estancia in Argentina…there is no home that you cannot afford and where you are not welcome! You have women at your beck and call, you have more money than you know how to spend, your yacht is longer than many cruise ships, and if you play your cards right, you could even be knighted by royalty and feted by the press, all for the simple decision to print tons of money at someone else’s expense. Not a bad gig, eh? Think about it – If you had that kind of wealth and power, you’d probably guard it jealously too, right?

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