Lies, Damned Lies, and the POD People

We live in an age of sloganeering, where soundbites, bumper stickers, and tweets are accepted as dogma by those who uncritically lap it up like pigs at a trough, even as the slogans themselves are never examined for truth or even the rough approximation of a definition. Lies, repeated often enough, become the truth, as Goebbels well knew, and the US news media has taken that approach and applied it to the USA today in ways that would make the Nazis proud. The globalist agenda is always at the fore in each and every story, and all too often the “ism” or Wokespeak they spew is not only NOT true, it is the exact opposite of reality. But because it is drilled into our brains through the media, the entertainment industry, and the Educational-Institutional complex (EIC) on a round-the-clock basis, it is a useful tool for the POD (Pharisees, oligarchs, and Deep State apparatchiks) people that rule us. Yet even a cursory examination of this propaganda reveals it for what it is: bald-faced, deliberate lying designed not to uplift or inform but to condemn and misdirect.

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Switzerland is what happens when…

How would you like to live in a country where there’s low unemployment, high wages, excellent schools, free college, free universal health care, low crime, and plenty of natural beauty? Where the average person lives to be 83, speaks at least three languages, and enjoys pure mountain water right from the tap? Where public transportation is everywhere and it’s efficient enough to set your watch by it? Where gun ownership is encouraged and mass shootings are almost unheard of? Where nearly every car is less than three years old, and the roads are engineering marvels? Where, in fact, nearly everything looks clean and new, from the gleaming train stations to the modern airports to the…bomb shelters? Yes, the country I’m talking about even has a nuclear fallout bunker for every single citizen within it. Doesn’t that sound like a nice, safe place to live?

Matterhorn, Zermatt
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Apres Le Deluge

Culture rots from within. True, outside forces can also cause a decline in moral standards, especially in the wake of a war, and perhaps this is what has happened to Vienna, my most beloved city. There is a culture war going on, and based on what I saw here recently, Christianity and Western Civilization are losing. Badly.

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