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5 Things I Hate About European Travel

Pay bathrooms A scowling Turk is guarding the entrance to what looks like an old pillbox and he’s collecting money from my ex-wife. She emerges from the sweltering bunker after a few minutes with a look of dismay and horror … Continue reading

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Pomp and Circumstance: The Palacio Real Parade

Like the song says, “I love a parade“. I love the precision, the crowds, the music, and the excitement. Military parades have the added bonus of martial traditions and a celebration of a nation’s history. In the case of Spain’s … Continue reading

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Breaking and Entering at the Palacio Real

I am standing in front of the Palacio Real, one of Spain’s greatest national treasures, and I am being interrogated by an incredulous security guard, who thinks I must be either an imbecile, or a terrorist, or both.

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