Gay “Pride” in Stockholm

Note: I first published this article two years ago. I am reposting today because my new novel, “Downsized” was recently rejected by a publishing company because of my politics, and specifically about one of my articles. I think this was the offending article. I’m republishing to stick a thumb in the eye of the publisher and to proclaim that free speech isn’t dead.

You’d think, walking around Stockholm (as I recently did), that Sweden’s national flag is rainbow gay.  After all, it’s more ubiquitous here right now than the Scandinavian nation’s own beautiful emblem (a bold yellow cross on a royal blue field).  Everywhere you look you see the queer colors: as a pennant on top of a hotel, a sign in front of a restaurant, and even flapping as ensigns from the ships in the harbor.  The waitresses are sporting the colors on their suspenders, and the waiters have rainbow ties.  Rainbow sunglasses, socks, and decals abound.  Why, you ask, is Stockholm afflicted with such a bad case of homophilia these days?

Why, money, of course.  The Nordic capital is hosting some kind of homosexual convention, and the flags are meant to show how “gay friendly” the city is.  And since the only thing more chic than “tolerance”, even if it includes pedophilia, is money these days, Stockholm has thrown open its doors and dropped its drawers for the proudly degenerate.  And so it is that in the land of the Vikings we have the spectacle of an open invitation to buggers and NAMBLA hustlers. 

It’s too bad, really, because Stockholm is otherwise such a lovely city.  It has world-class architecture, its pedestrian boulevards and parks are a joy to walk through, and its scenic waterways are perfect for cruising on a hot summer’s day.  You’d think, given all the straight tourists I saw while walking around, that there would be plenty of money and to spare to carry the Swedes through another harsh winter, but apparently, excess trumps everything else in the New World Order, and so now, in addition to wading through throngs of fresh-off-the-boat Nigerian and Muslim immigrants that comprise what used to be a happy and homogenous country, the public spaces and restaurants are filled with flaming faggots as well… just as they were when I last visited Madrid.  

Let me say straight away (no pun intended) that I do not personally hate homos, who are suffering from a grave propensity to act in a sinful way (as are we all).  However, I don’t understand anyone who openly celebrates sexual perversion in such a flamboyant fashion.

What is never explained is what, exactly, gays are to be proud of?  Is it that they enjoy sodomy with other men?  That the women enjoy mutual cunnilingus?  What is there to celebrate in such debauchery?  It is the same as if I said I enjoyed bestiality with a horse.  Even if I find other like-minded souls who also get off on this kind of activity, it’s not exactly something I’d want to trumpet to the world.  A simple human proclivity for sexual deviance is not, in itself, a reason for a carnal carnival.

Perhaps it is to celebrate the many homosexuals who have contributed to the body of art and literature of Western civilization, and to legitimize the current gay “movement” by popularizing the notion that gays are uniquely creative.  Perhaps, but that is never really brought to the fore during these festivals. which instead seem to focus on outlandish costumes and easy “hook-ups”.    In any event, famous homosexuals from centuries past generally kept their private lives as private as possible and would recoil at the idea that their sexual orientation defined them as human beings.

No, what these festivities prove, beyond the fact that we live in a Fallen and rapidly falling world, is that identity politics have reached the point where simply claiming membership in a minority group gives one the ability to use and abuse the power of the state to bend society to one’s will.  Gay pride marches, parades, festivals, and such advertise the power of the homosexual lobby to governments and institutions that are already predisposed to be sympathetic to them.  They also serve to normalize such displays in the national consciousness so that future generations will be inured to such grotesquery.  Public demonstrations like this are dutifully broadcast by a compliant news media to all the world as positive occasions for celebrating “inclusion” and “diversity”.  Soon to follow is the long arm of the law tapping on the shoulder of anyone who disagrees with them.

Fortunately, not everyone has bowed to this craziness.  For obvious reasons, the LBQT crowd doesn’t want to find itself in a city like “Homophobic” Moscow, controlled as it is by Satan himself.  Putin would no doubt spank these cretins hard, and not in a good way.  Indeed, eastern Europe in general has shunned Western liberalism.  Ironically, the countries are the Former Soviet Union have become bastions of traditional Christian values even as Western democracies have devolved into Sodom and Gomorrah. 

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1 Response to Gay “Pride” in Stockholm

  1. Milan says:

    I agree that the countries of eastern Europe remain a stronghold of traditional values. Perhaps except for Ukraine, which, in its desire to please the West, absorbs only dirt, and is not able to adopt anything useful and good.

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