On Miracles

I have been dabbling in some pretty risky investment vehicles for the last couple of years, and when I say risky, I mean that a craps table is like an AAA bond in comparison. Anyway, in one of those accounts I had stashed a pretty large sum of money and just let it ride for a while, and when I recently went to check on it, it had simply vanished!   Continue reading

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President Trump- You’re Fired!

Mr. President:

Your employment with the United States of America is terminated effective immediately due to a lack of integrity, a flagrant disregard for international law, and your repeated failure to perform the duties of your position.

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Irreconcilable Differences-Is a National Divorce the Only Way Out?

Liberals, I have some difficult news to share with you. We conservatives have decided that this marriage cannot continue and that we must seek a divorce. This is something we’ve been struggling with for a long time and I suspect that you are at least aware that we have been having a hard time together, which you made pretty obvious when you threw a tantrum over the last election. But I believe that we can do this with decency and reasonableness and hope you will come to believe that as well.

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At the Trump Rally-A Populist Speaks

Melbourne, FL-February 18, 2017

Donald Trump is working the crowd. I don’t know how many of us are here, but we have filled a huge aircraft hangar and spilled out onto the tarmac beyond Air Force One.

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The Train from Hell…to Belgrade

There is a lunatic running down the train platform in a Serbian border town chasing after a moving train. The reason he is distraught is that the departing train is carrying all of his luggage and most of his money. As you might have guessed, that lunatic is me.

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Life in the Slow Lane-Warm Mineral Springs, Florida

Conversations overheard while wading in the Warm Mineral Spring clockwise “loop”:

Conversation 1
75 year-old fat Ukrainian Jewish man with straw hat:
“I always get my movies from the library because it’s free.”

75 year-old fat Ukrainian Jewish man with baseball cap:
“Why don’t you watch them from your computer?

Straw hat: “My signal is very weak.”

Baseball cap: “Why don’t you call Comcast? They can fix it.”

Straw hat: “Nothing you can do in my situation.”

Baseball cap: “Really? Comcast can’t help you?”

Straw hat: “No, because Comcast requires a cable.”

Baseball cap: “You have Internet with no cable? Why don’t you get cable?”

“Because I have to PAY for cable!!!”

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Trump’s Inauguration Speech: A Triumph of American Populism

Never in my lifetime have I heard a Presidential Inauguration message so directly address the American people and challenge the political status quo as when Donald Trump was sworn in as the 45th President of the United States. Continue reading

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