Lord of the Dance Review

This show was even better than I expected, which is to say brilliant!   Breathtaking, fast, fun, and spicy, there really aren’t enough superlatives for this spectacular feast for the eyes and ears.  Having the luck of the Irish myself, I saw this extravaganza on St. Patrick’s Day.  Perfect!

Michael Flatley’s “The Lord of the Dance” is the kind of thrilling show that’s good for all ages.  The premise is a simple one: tell a tale of good vs. evil set to Irish song, music, and dance.  It’s partly theater, part ballet, a dash of singing, a touch of burlesque, and a whole lot of beautifully choreographed tap dancing..  There are some beautiful singers, lovely stage settings, and talented violinists, but what will amaze and delight you will be the incredible numbers where the entire cast lines up to bang out a tune with their heels and toes in perfect harmony, and believe me, it’s worth the admission price.  I can still hardly believe that human beings can move their feet so fast!

This is Broadway entertainment, Irish style.  It’ll warm your heart and maybe even bring a tear to your eye.  I know it did mine.  By the third encore, I was on my feet, hoarse from cheering, and I wasn’t alone.  They brought the full house down.  Good show!

The King Center is a great venue, but they could use more restrooms, parking, and a few cops to direct traffic after the show.  Oh, and a little more help from the ushers wouldn’t hurt any, either.  Other than that, awesome event at a great performing arts center!

If you ever get the chance, check it out!


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