Solo Transatlantic Cruise Day 10-The Epic


Today is a recovery day, meaning I spend the morning hours alone on the aft deck (H20) enjoying the hot tub with only myself as company.  It’s like a ghost town on all decks this morning, probably because everyone’s tired from their first land sojourn in 9 days and because the seas are rough again.  No sun, no fun…except for me.  I enjoy the fifty plus temperature and just soak it in.

I take a repeat of the poor French lessons I had earlier, hoping for new material or, even better, a new instructor.  Alas, my hope is in vain, and I learn almost nothing new.

Then it’s down to the Bliss Bar for “Urban Legends” trivia.  This gives you a 50/50 chance going in, since all the answers are true/false.  I get 11 out of 20.  You do the math.  Still it’s fun.  Here’s an example: A woman had to be removed from a toilet by a ground crew after an international flight when her bottom was stuck to the seat after flushing.  (True)

The crew has another “Legends of Rock” concert at 7.  I sneak in (barely) without reservations.  I don’t like this show as much.  The “Legends” are Tina Turner, Adele, and Tom Jones.  Really?  I can only say one of those three is a legend.  I think it’s just embarrassing to watch an overweight guy with a quasi-Afro hairdo prancing around on stage with leather pants.  No, I don’t like his music, either…nor do I like Adele’s.  Now, Tina Turner is great, and the showgirls (all 3 of them) are hot, but this show just doesn’t measure up to the first one.

After the entertainment in the Epic, there is a silly version of Who Wants To Be a Millionaire?  Then even sillier karaoke, followed by a White Hot Party.  Everyone’s supposed to wear white, but mine’s in the laundry.  Just as well…the dance floor is too crowded.  In fact, the whole little Bliss Bar area is too crowded, and about half the people seem to be gay.  I pass.

Up on deck, you can see the lights of Gibraltar around midnight through streaks of rain, which brings me to yet another whine on NCL:


Wouldn’t it be possible after 10 days at sea to plan for us to be able to see this important landmark during daylight hours?  We are within just a few miles of the coast, yet all we see are the distant lights of land and ships on the European side and really nothing on the African side.

I meet up with 4 other singles in O’Sheehans for a late night snack and we decide the best way for us to go out with a bang on our last day is to go down the waterslide together and sing one last song (actually our only song together) of karaoke on Day 11 of our cruise.

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