Paradise Lost

Let me tell you a tale of a nice little neighborhood that is centrally located near major road arteries, jobs, and shopping. It stands on the edge of a beautiful wetland near the east coast of Florida. It has nice, neat rows of homes with manicured lawns and gardens centered around a small pond and a community swimming pool/clubhouse. You access the community through a gate because the residents want to keep the undesirables out of their fine community, which they specifically selected because it was in an “A” rated school district. In fact, the kids can actually walk safely to those excellent schools right from their front door. Sounds like a dream, doesn’t it?

Now let me tell you the bad news. The bad news is, some people are greedy. Some governments are evil. And when greed and evil mix, they can ruin small little slices of Americana like I just described through section 8 housing….and that, they are doing, one township at a time, all over America. If you aren’t familiar with Section 8, it is subsidized housing provided to low-income people so that they can afford to live in a better neighborhood. Sounds nice, doesn’t it? What could be wrong with that? Giving back to the poor so that the rising tide will lift all boats?

Well, everything is wrong with it. What happens with this kind of housing is that it typically becomes a hotbed of activity for drugs, prostitution, and crime, and that spills over into the neighborhoods around it. The children of these dysfunctional families (mostly single parents with Daddy nowhere to be found) are low IQ malcontents who clog the schools with Spanish-speaking underachievers and violent thugs that must be accommodated at the expense of all of the taxpayers…mostly the ones that moved there to avoid those kinds of problems to begin with. On paper, it sounds great…give these kids a leg up by fitting them in with “normal” children. In practice, it destroys the fabric of the existing community and only serves to further insinuate the ill effects of the urban sub-culture into suburbia to the detriment of the taxpaying residents and their families.

But it gets worse. In this case, the greedy developer, who one must assume wouldn’t live next to one of these crack-infested ‘hoods for all the money in China, wants to erect a 4 story, 300 unit monstrosity in the former wetlands right next to the nice little community I am speaking of, Heritage Oaks in West Melbourne, Florida.

This community is under attack, but it is not unique at all. It is simply one front in a war being fought all over our country for our soul-and the devil is winning. How else can you describe it? Study after study has shown that section 8 housing destroys the host communities rather than benefiting the endless spawn of the former ghetto dwellers. Drugs begin to be dealt from the street corners. Gangs start harassing children on their way to school. Every day, police sirens wake residents up in the middle of the night, the product of another bust. Trash accumulates along the streets, which are increasingly jammed with traffic. Local school districts are unable to keep up with the flood of high-maintenance problem kids, and the grades for ALL begin to decline. Soon, it isn’t an “A” school district anymore, and property values decline. A vicious cycle begins where people try to sell their houses to escape the nightmare the government has brought to them, and eventually a stampede of people are desperately trying to unload their homes at any price. As the tax base disintegrates, local officials find they must raise taxes on the remaining residents just to break even. It’s one of those few situations where it truly is a lose-lose.

Except for the developer, that is, who gets to cash nice, fat, government subsidized checks-and of course the HUD employees who are busy as little bees can be working 30-hour weeks until they can collect a fat pension at our expense.

So, let me get this straight. The government, in its infinite wisdom, takes money out of the wallets of working stiffs who get up every day and bust their asses to put bread on the table, so that some obese sow who can’t name her child’s father with any accuracy is able to sit back in relative comfort in the same neighborhood and pop out more pups with absolute impunity. In fact, she’s rewarded for it! Meanwhile, her feral brood is out in the formerly neat, trim neighborhoods selling drugs and pimping ‘hos, and in their spare time they sit in the mentally challenged class at school flunking math and grammar until they, too, become wards of the state and are either institutionalized or are back living in the same section 8 ghetto they started out in. Does that about cover it?

I once knew a woman, a very nice woman, who never had a bad thing to say about anyone. She would certainly never use derogatory terms toward any minority or disadvantaged person. She believed in go along to get along, we’re all the same, lah-dee-da. I’m sure she subscribes, even to this day, to all the politically correct platitudes. She lived in a great neighborhood just like Heritage Oaks when the city decided it would be a dandy idea to transplant a tribe of these savages next door to her via the section 8 law. One day, she answered the door, and there was a black man standing in front of her. He raped her repeatedly. She never really recovered from that incident. I mention he was black for a good reason. White on black rape is virtually non-existent, while black on white rape is commonplace. There’s a message in there for you, if you aren’t so steeped in the myth of equality that you’re too dense to understand it.
But the real problem here isn’t with the government. It’s with the people in the community, to some degree. I interviewed some such today. It was a husband and wife, and she told me she used to work for a section 8 apartment complex. Her husband chimed in, “Yeah, everybody thinks it’s a good idea until it’s next to you.” My response was “No, it’s NEVER a good idea. Maybe we should plop them down next to the White House if it’s such a great idea.” The point of my remark being, when is it OK to steal money from productive citizens and distribute it to dirtbags? In what circumstances is it just peachy keen to move hordes of criminal miscreants into some unsuspecting citizen’s backyard? Yet, these very same people who are about to get screwed by this housing policy are cheerleading for it so long as it doesn’t affect them personally. To some degree, they deserve what they get.

Of course, by encouraging the bad behavior of the underclasses, you guarantee you will have more of them. But the people who implement these policies don’t care. Typically, they make sure that they live far away from the ill effects of their own laws. I get why they don’t care. They are the do-gooders: the people who think that all of the evils in the world, all of the inequality, can be fixed by applying just the right amount of government force to make people equal-but of course, the guinea pigs for experiments like section 8 are not for our Masters in Washington, DC. Oh, no! They are for you and I, because we are evil, racist, and (gasp!) White!…and thus, we must be taught a lesson-or, preferably, just die off, leaving the world to the noble and pure multi-culti rainbow of more deserving races that will inherit the earth.

In fact, I am convinced that is exactly what they want-for us to die out. And they are succeeding. White people will be a minority in this country soon. Christians are already a minority by some estimates. And that is the way the government wants it. They look at you and I (if you’re white), and they see historic evil that needs to be drowned in a sea of black, red, yellow, and brown people, who are historic victims of our greed and evil lust for power, according to the Narrative. That explains unrestricted immigration, it explains abortion on-demand, it explains Affirnative Action, and it explains section 8 housing.

If you don’t get it by now, it’s time to wake up. Dinner’s about to be served, and you’re on the menu. You may not be the main course, but it’s probably smart not to wait for dessert. Like it or not, we’re in a war-a culture war.  Pick a side.

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3 Responses to Paradise Lost

  1. Dean Arnold says:

    (By the way, this is the best collection of podcasts I have found on the web.)

    • Jonathan says:

      Thanks for the link, Dean. I am listening to it now, and Dr. Jones sounds like he knows whereof he speaks. I am glad to see I am not wrong in my assumptions and I’m in good company.

  2. Larry Glickman says:

    As a former social worker in the slums of Newark New Jersey I can vouch for the accuracy of this post. The sad thing is that I voted for President Obama the first time thinking that as a mulatto he would represent us all and concentrate on elevating the Black community by example and “tough Love”. Instead I watched in horror as he encouraged blaming “Whtiey” through the lawsuits against the police and failure to aggressively persecute looters and doing absolutely nothing about the open Mexican border which not only encourages a flood of homeless children but is the source transit point for the huge upsurge in heroin traffic. This post sums up his agenda and I believe it reflects the deep seated hate of a mixed race President for the White community that he felt excluded from no matter what his accomplishments.

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