The Battle for the Heart of Europe

I will yield to my normal reportage of Vienna impressions later in the week, but for now I have some fantastic news! There are, at last, palpable signs that Vienna, and, one can only hope, Austria and all of Europe, is finally waking up to the fact that, if they don’t react to the foreign invasion that threatens to completely overwhelm them, and soon, they will have lost their culture, their civilization, and, indeed, eventually, even their lives due to nothing more than apathy and suicidal tolerance. It’s too late to save their virginity, since that’s already been breached in the literal and figurative sense by the hordes of Muslim and sub-Saharan Africans that have poured in through the continent’s porous orifices, but at least they can defend the memory of those who’ve already fallen in the Culture War against the European peoples of the world.

What I saw may seem inconsequential to you, but, unless you’ve travelled here as often as I have, and witnessed first-hand the stoic reserve and resignation that the Germanic peoples have displayed in the face of the vast, unwashed, angry, belligerent, and ungrateful army of hoodlums, rapists, pedophiles, and miscreants that have violated this land, you can’t understand how even a small event is a sign of real hope to me, because what I have seen so far is abject humiliation in the face of defeat, rather than the defiance I would expect from the heirs of Sobieski, who defeated the last invading Muslim army at the very gates of this city over 300 years ago. It is therefore with great satisfaction that I report to you that, at last, there are signs that the native peoples have had enough.

Scene 1 opens in the city’s heart, where the Donau (Danube) River makes a large bend separating the old city from the new, near the terminus of a grand pedestrian boulevard (Kartnerstrasse) and a huge Metro station. I am munching on a sinfully fat and juicy Vienna sausage (what else?) purchased from a nearby kiosk and seated at a park bench, people watching, when I notice a brace of Muslim “refugees” (spelled in quotes because a real man would seek refuge for the women-folk and stay to fight for his country and his honor, rather than fleeing at the first sign of trouble) harassing the local people through aggressive panhandling tactics, which involves the sale of some utterly useless rubbish that they are trying to force on anyone hapless enough to be seated nearby. They are so bellicose, in fact, that they cause people to get up and move to avoid them, yet that doesn’t stop them, even when they are told in fairly explicit terms by one Austrian man to go bugger themselves (a fact that I am assuming based on the nature of the exchange rather than my command of German). Eventually, an exasperated woman approaches 7 police officers who are patrolling the area, and, at her request, the cops accost the goatherds. They demand papers, seize their “wares”, and, without further ado, march them off in formation. I feel like cheering, but I don’t, since no one else is, but, bravo for that woman! And bravo for the police! It’s true, I doubt these two get deported, or possibly sentenced to hard time in a Guantanamo-like facility, where they would learn, hopefully, how it feels to be on the receiving end of rape, since their culture seems to endorse it, but it’s the first sign of an awakening I can see manifested elsewhere.

Scene 2 is at an intersection in front of the Opera House. Like dozens of other law-abiding citizens of the country, I am waiting for the light, even though there is no sign of a car coming. Here again, it helps to know a little bit about this country. Austrians treasure law and order above all, and they always follow the rules. In the USA, I wouldn’t think twice about jaywalking, because it’s the American way, but here, out of respect for the Teutonic way of life, I wait, as I always do here (yes, even when no one else is looking). Two Mohammedans standing in front of me lose patience, probably because they are late for the IED class taught at the local mosque, so they start across the street. Immediately, a police car rounds the corner out of nowhere and halts directly in front of them. The look they got from the officer in the car was priceless. He waved them back to the curb, and, from the officer’s expression, it seemed to me like he was daring them not to. They wisely complied. Now, again, this isn’t a big deal by itself, but, combined with Scene one’s activity on the same day, it represents a pattern to me, and it’s a good sign that Europeans are starting to get fed up with their mannerless, unemployed, and, yes, dangerous guests. I doubt seriously that the cops would have cared about such a small infraction last year, but that was before the Muslims went on a continent-wide rape spree.

But wait! There’s more! When I came here last year, it seemed like every third person was a Muslim, and the ones who weren’t young military-age men were families toting 3 babies around. This trip, there were far fewer foreigners in evidence, either of the Middle Eastern or Asian variety. 

Which is what I want! After all, if I want to see Burkha-wrapped fat chicks, I’ll go to Ryad and enjoy the sand storm. If I want to see a Nigerian, I’ll visit the Dark Continent, making sure all of my shots are up to date before I go. And if I want to eat a dog, I’ll go to Korea.

But if I want to enjoy a Mozart concerto, worship in a Gothic cathedral, or view a Gustav Klimt-if I want to or visit the palaces of emperors, see a ballet of magnificent horses, or walk through some of the most beautiful parks on the planet-if I want to enjoy clean and punctual public transportation, the best chocolate on earth, or a heavenly choir singing Ave Maria-in short, if I want to live where civilization may not have been invented, but certainly was perfected…I’ll go to the heart of Europe-I’ll go to Vienna-and when there, I want to see the people who built that great civilization, not those who simply wish to consume it from within and turn it, slowly but surely, into the same grim nightmare that they created at home.

And it seems that many Austrians feel the same way, if the results of the most recent presidential election are to be believed. Yes, the nationalist candidate (Hofer) lost, but only through likely voter fraud, and until only a year ago his Freedom Party wasn’t even a blip on the radar screen. And nationalism is on the rise elsewhere in Europe. Whether Marine Le Pen’s France, the Basques in Spain, or Havel’s Hungary, the people are speaking up, and they’re saying no to unrestricted immigration, no to (((globalism))), and no to the EU, and this is a very welcome change that urgently needs to progress rapidly, lest all of Europe be lost forever.

The last time Europe faced this size of an invading force, they very nearly lost the continent. Let’s hope that this time it’s not too late to turn back the rising tide of darkness again. There are some signs that the people are waking from their long slumber at last. The time for accommodating and appeasing, for tolerating and accepting, for welfare and charity, is over. Those policies have failed, and, with them, so too has the trust once held in liberal governance failed. The enemy doesn’t seek to negotiate. They seek to conquer. They seek to impose their own rule and to establish their own shari’ah law. The time for talking is over. It is now time for action. It is time for European men to rise up and repel the invaders-for their country, for their people, and for their God. Carpe diem!

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6 Responses to The Battle for the Heart of Europe

  1. Dean Arnold says:

    Great article. I believe with you that Europeans will find their senses and win some short term battles. But I fear they will lose the war due to demographics.

    • Jonathan says:

      That is almost certainly true unless they expel the invaders. But that has been done before, and it can be done again.

      Here in America, Eisenhower did it with “Operation Wetback” (yes that’s the real name)..

  2. Dean Arnold says:

    Also, can you finish your thought here: ” …where civilization may not have been invented, but certainly was perfected.” Who do you credit for inventing civilization?

  3. Jonathan says:

    Ah, great question. I think the Greeks were the first to develop modern ideas about philosophy, democracy, and logic, but it was Christianity that provided the great European empires with their moral authority. and inspired the greatest artists, explorers, and inventors in the history of the world. If Europe is to survive, they must return home to those roots. Without that foundation, all is lost for them. What do you think?

    • Dean Arnold says:

      That sounds about right. Greece, Rome, Byzantium, Florence, Paris, and finally the Germanic perfecting touches.

      I think perhaps the Renaissance/Enlightenment desire to skip the Byzantium contribution (only 1000 years!) has led to a lot of the current decay.

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