Are you a 9/11 Falser?

Like everyone else, I remember exactly where I was on 9/11. I was in my local gym working out, and the news on the TV was broadcast live above my Stairmaster. At first, I thought it must have been an accident. After all, I reasoned, a bomber had once flown into the Empire State Building by mistake. Then the second plane hit, and the horror of it all struck me like everyone else.

In the days and weeks that followed, like most Americans, I wanted to understand just who did this and how. As the details began to emerge, of a group of Saudi Arabian terrorists who’d hijacked some airplanes, more than anything I wanted revenge against those who did it-to punish the wrongdoers.

But then, instead of attacking Saudi Arabia, we invaded Iraq! Sure, we sent some soldiers into Afghanistan looking for CIA trainee Osama Bin Laden, but that wasn’t our main focus. I couldn’t understand why we’d decided to attack the wrong country (I never believed the WMD lies to begin with anyway-did you?) when it was so obvious that almost all of the 9/11 perps were Saudis trained in Afghanistan, but nevertheless kept hoping we’d eventually get around to it.

In the subsequent years, we invaded, bombed, or destabilized a lot of countries, and killed a lot of people, most of them in the Middle East. Sometimes in the name of democracy, or human rights, or international law, or freedom, but none of those seemed like good reasons for Americans to die to me, especially compared to the cold dish of revenge I’d hoped to enjoy as justice served to the bastards that attacked the USA way back in ‘01.

By the time we finally got around to prioritizing the killing of Bin Laden, we’d long had an official government commission report available on the 9/11 tragedy, and the findings came under a lot of fire. Large groups of people-pilots, professionals, engineers, architects, eyewitnesses, firefighters, police, military officers-came forward to contest some or all of the official narrative. Instead of giving these groups any kind of balanced treatment, almost immediately the news media and the government went into attack mode, and the order of the day was simply to personally insult those who went off the 9/11 reservation by questioning some of the findings. The media lapdogs summed up their disdain for those who asked the wrong questions by labeling them as “9/11 Truthers”, as if asking for the truth was some kind of horrible thought crime.

I’ve learned from long, hard experience not to trust the news media or the government, so I started to do a little digging of my own, and the more I dug, the more the whole official narrative stank. The Dancing Israelis, the miraculous passport, evidence of explosives, strange happenings at the towers in the weeks before the event, cover ups and lies—they all raised questions, and some of those inconsistencies provided answers about just why we didn’t seem to spend much time and effort on catching and killing the supposed architects of 9/11 but a whole lot of money and men to blow up almost the entire rest of the Middle East. Gradually, I began to understand that the reason the narrative didn’t make much sense was that it was full of holes, both of logical consistency and actual fact, and as an American I felt betrayed, once again, by my own government.

So yes-now I’m a Truther myself, and proud of it, because the antonym of that neologism is Falser, and my momma always told me to tell the truth…besides, you can always tell a lot about people by the kinds of enemies they have, and it seems like to me that the Truthers have pissed off all the right people-talking heads, government apparitchiks, think tanks, “journalists”, politicians-they all love to hate the Truthers, so, turn about being fair play, after all, I’ve started calling those who support the official story Falsers.

That doesn’t mean that I have all the answers to 9/11. Quite the contrary-what I mostly have is questions. But it seems clear to me that, while Muslim hijackers did indeed run airplanes into the Twin Towers that day, there was a whole lot more to the story that isn’t being told, and it’s high time that Americans demanded some answers from those involved in the subsequent investigation.

One facet of the 9/11 Narrative that bothers me more than anything else is the implosion of WTC7, because IMO it’s the most unbelievable single link in the whole 9/11 chain of events. And it seems logical to me that if any of the 9/11 official story is a lie, then it calls into question the whole Falser narrative.

Yet we’re now 15 years down the road from 9/11, and the Falser story still holds sway-that the whole attack was perpetrated by some guys with box cutters on a few civilian planes, and that our Air Force was so incompetent that they couldn’t stop a single one of them, even if you spotted them over an hour to do it, and even if the attack was on the nation’s defense headquarters, presumably the most heavily-guarded place on earth. If you believe that, you’re certainly in the majority (and I have a some swampland I’d like to sell you…or at least a time-share), but it’s best to make sure who’s side you’re on, so here’s a quick 10-question test I’ve devised to determine if you’re a 9/11 Falser. I guarantee the answers to these questions will remove all doubt. Here goes:

Is it unimportant that a reporter announced, on air, the fall of WTC7 in advance?

Does it make sense to you that a steel and concrete building will suddenly implode even if it’s not hit by an airplane but simply burning debris?

Is it possible that WTC7 was destroyed by fire even though steel buildings in Nagasaki 1500 feet from ground zero did not collapse from a nuclear blast?

Do you think that when the owner gave the order to “pull it” (a term used in controlled demolition) when referring to WTC7, it wasn’t important?

Is it simply coincidental that the owner of WTC7 Larry Silverstein, for the first time, insured the building for loss suffered via a terrorist attack only a few months before 9/11?

Is the fact that explosive residue was found in the debris of WTC7 unimportant?

Do you think buildings on fire collapse inside their own footprint at free-fall speed?

Do eyewitness reports of explosions in WTC7 mean nothing to you?

Do you think that burning office materials can cause a fire so intense that it melts steel beams?

Do you completely trust your government to conduct a competent and honest investigation?

Answer key
6 or more “yes” answersCongratulations! You’re an official 9/11 Falser. Proceed directly to your government propaganda office for further instructions and/or promotion to Grand Inquisitor.

3-5 “yes” answers-You are a person of interest to the FBI, and you will need additional screening by trained Homeland Security proctologists for your next flight. Please do not make any plans to leave the country. Oh, you can expect a call from the IRS as well. They’ve found some inconsistencies on your tax return.

1-2 “yes” answers-You are a Truther, and probably dangerously subversive. Please stay home until the police can obtain a no-knock warrant for your address. They suspect you may be harboring WMDs and/or Julian Assange in your basement.

0 “yes” answers-You are either Satan or Vladimir Putin.  Either way, you’re on the USG hit list.  Pay up your life insurance and say your goodbyes.  Sorry, old boy.

Now, whatever the truth is about 9/11, it doesn’t remove any of the pain that the families still feel from the loss of their loved ones on that tragic day, or blot out the memory of what it did for our country-because for once, all of us, black and white, rich and poor, North and South, liberal and conservative-came together as one, united against evil, and determined to rebuild where the Towers once stood and avenge our dead, and those are good, patriotic, noble impulses to follow; but at the same time, let’s make sure we’re fighting against the right guys.  After all, we want our soldiers to defend us from all enemies, both foreign and domestic, and there’s more of them in Washington, DC than Mesopotamia.

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4 Responses to Are you a 9/11 Falser?

  1. Welcome. The water actually pretty good over here.

  2. Jonathan says:

    :)) I had an idea to consult you over the advisability of this beforehand.

  3. Marrano Hunter says:

    Hi Jonathan-
    One of my favorite wake-up alarms, that eventually led me to believe it was a controlled demolition, were reports that Silverstein sought bids for…a controlled demolition… about a year before the attacks. It would cost billions to demolish it floor by floor because of asbestos mainly and massive amounts of hazardous materials would become airborne if it was taken down by dynamite. Then there are reports that WT7 held CIA evidence about the Iraq war which the Bush administration wanted destroyed. Shall we also mention that the Pentagon attack conveniently destroyed evidence that 4 trillion in defense funding went missing. But the most incredible thing of all is that three buildings went into free-fall within the space of a few hours. The idea that this happened without explosives is pretty close to a mathematical impossibility.

    • Jonathan says:

      I didn’t know he’d looked for bids to demo the building-thanks for that. Of course, Silverstein has to be the luckiest bastard on earth, as your link suggests. a 3200% ROI in just 6 months…such a deal!

      The connection to Bibi is well known and documented as well. SO far as I can tell, the biggest winner from 9/11 as a nation-state was Israel. The biggest loser? The USA. With “friends” like that…

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