Odes to Murmella, the family cat

We just lost our cat, Murmella.  these poems are in memory of her.


the family cat
black and white, purring soft, we
miss you already

The Family Cat

Uninvited she arrived one day
a pregnant bag of skin and bones
nursed back to health yet still a stray
She’d often wander far from home

For the kittens a new home was found
and in the intervening years
we’d harken to the soft meow-
Murmella’s purrs through gentle tears

She didn’t like the other pets
A giant dog and friendly cur
She’d bite and scratch if they would set
a little bit too close to her

You may well ask “what good is a cat?”
And I admit I thought this way-
I’d often thought of her with scorn
But now that she has gone away
I’ve found it in my heart to mourn

She was “just” the family cat
But Lora loved her like her own
She took her off the streets and that
is why she lived so well and long


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