MLK Day and Black Privilege

There’s a lot of talk about White Privilege these days.  So much so, in fact, that you don’t even necessarily need to be a “person of no color” in order to be “accused” of the unearned benefits that such a designation is supposed to confer.  Everyone from unimpressive Afro athletes to black billionaire talking heads whine about it in spite of the quite visible evidence of their own success and even as a racist Black couple were elected to the highest office in the land not once, but twice…by White people

So I have to wonder, if I am privileged merely by dint of my skin pigmentation, as I am so often scolded by the (((media))) and its race baiters, where did my privilege help?   Because my own experience has been that more often than not it was I that was discriminated against, and in a most blatant fashion, not only officially by the government, but also unofficially by private industry as well.  For example:

Black Dealer Program-In the 1980’s, Ford Motor Company experimented with the idea that, if Black dealer wannabes were going to succeed, they’d need factory help.  Lots of it.  So they ran the Black Dealer program (yes, it was actually called that) which installed an Afro-American man (it was always a man so far as I know) in a small dealership as the new owner.  This was an expensive process because Ford normally had to purchase the dealership from an existing franchisee in order to make it happen.  Then they paid the “owner” a generous salary until the dealership became a financial success.  In the meantime, the Black principal risked none of his own money.  The recipient dealer was also provided with additional factory incentives, allocations, and help unavailable to White dealers. 

To truly understand what a huge gift this was to the average participant, you’d have to understand the profitability of a Ford dealership during those years.  I have never in my life met so many millionaires.  To get one for free is like winning life’s lottery.

It wasn’t enough.  Nearly every one of these businesses remained a drain on the company for years until finally the program was terminated in the 2000’s.  At that point, each participating dealer was allowed to keep his store for free: he just wouldn’t be subsidized any longer!  Most of them elected to sell out to a White owner and pocket the cash.  A lot of cash.  One of them that I knew personally was a “fresh off the boat” Kenyan who became rich thanks to the largesse of the Blue Oval.  I am still puzzled by how this well-educated foreigner suffered so much from the discrimination of my ancestors that he deserved to be handed millions of dollars, but then, there was no “White Dealer program” in my knapsack!

Note: If you are wondering why there is no link to establish the veracity of what I’m saying, it’s because I couldn’t find one.  I’d imagine Ford is embarrassed to be associated with such folly and has managed to erase any evidence of it from the public records.  BTW, there was a similar program for women, but it too was quickly terminated because almost all of the new franchise owners “sold” their businesses to their husbands.

So let’s not even bother with the tacit messages of ant-White racism from so-called “journalists” and their media musings for the time being and focus instead on the overt, in-your-face racism conducted against White people on an ongoing basis throughout society on a daily basis instead.

Affirmative Action-What this policy means, in practice, is that lesser qualified Blacks are advanced ahead of White people in hiring, admissions, and promotions, and that this privilege is extended to them from cradle to grave.  Companies fear lawsuits more than anything, so to prevent even the hint of discrimination they hire and promote Blacks ahead of their White peers, and settle with them quickly when they sue for damages.  

Minority “set asides”-Here government project managers must hire a certain number of minority contractors to do the work.  The system is ripe with abuses, but the bigger issue here is that public projects should proceed based on bids and the ability of the company to complete the project, not on the color of the skin of the contractor.  Hiring any other way means that even more money is wasted than usual on Black middle men.

Federal grants-Blackpeople are far more likely to receive government assistance than other racial groups, but they are uniquely qualified to receive some grants.

Yet, even though such programs do in fact help Black people financially, even if we forget about the unfairness of it all for a  moment, here are a few additional considerations:

Black self-esteem-For some Blacks, the knowledge that they didn’t truly achieve their success based purely on merit will weigh on their sense of pride.

Disunity-For White co-workers, the burden of carrying less-qualified Blacks along will become a sore spot, especially in fields where there is only one right answer.  Ask any engineer about the Affirmative Action hire, and he’ll roll his eyes, because he knows he has to pick up the slack.

Safety-Reducing testing standards to achieve some sort of “equitable” racial balance can have real world life or death implications.  Do you really want the air traffic controller hired because of his race? Or a surgeon operating on you because his ancestor may have been a slave?

AA is condescending-What it says, in effect, is that Black people can’t cut the mustard somehow. That without special help, they simply aren’t capable of competence. I can’t think of anything more racist than that.

The point of all this is simple: There are plenty of talented Black people in the world.  They only need equal access to education, promotions, and hiring to move ahead in this country.  They do not need and should not receive special preferences.   Asians have proven that mere prejudice doesn’t hold you back in the USA.  I have met many Black people, both professionally and personally, that I admire and respect, and know many more that did not need Affirmative Action to succeed, like Dr. Ben Carson or General Colin Powell.  Black people are not my enemy, but this constant race hustling by the “experts” in the media and the so-called Black Community serves only to keep people fighting each other.

The fact is, Affirmative Action is a crutch, and if the USA is to move past race as a constant source of friction we need to eliminate it for all of the reasons I noted above, but most of all because it is unfair.  Martin Luther King said that we should be judged by the “…content of our character, not the color of our skin”.  Racial preferences do exactly the opposite of that.  If we are to move forward as a country…One nation, under God, then we must do better.  We must end racial preferences once and for all.

And we must end nepotism of all kinds to the extent that we can so that everyone is treated equally.  Studies show that Jews are overrepresented in the top-ranked universities by as much as 1000% based on their test scores, yet no one is heard raising a big stink about that.  Why is there no ink spilled based on “Jewish privilege”?  If we are all equal, shouldn’t Gentile students be accepted at a rate at least commensurate with their achievement?  Martin Luther King would be appalled by this as well.

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