Antelope Canyon in Pictures

Antelope Canyon surprised me.  I lived in Arizona for a good part of my youth, and I’d never heard of it, even though I camped out quite a bit as a Boy Scout all over the state.  Later, I’d come back to raft the Grand Canyon, which is an easy drive away from Antelope.  I only included it in my March 2019 Western parks itinerary because I just happened to read about it on the Internet.  

So imagine how I felt when I entered this amazing slot canyon for the first time. 

I am well travelled, and this was truly outside of anything in my experience.  The orange and red sandstone walls soar in undulating waves of rock toward an unseen sun that provides amber rays of light for the cool sandy floor below.  Each voluptuous curve of the canyon wall blends seamlessly into another as you venture deeper into this amazing place led by a Navajo guide.

I would rate this incredible site high on any list of places to see while visiting the Western U.S. National Parks.  Here are a few helpful tips to enjoy the visit more:

You will likely approach from Page on Highway 98.  You can buy tickets for tours in town, but there’s no reason to.  I would continue directly to one of the three entrances to the canyon.

I went to the third tour entrance on the right.  It’s a good 10 miles out of town.  Sorry I don’t remember the name of the company because I paid cash (all of the tour companies demand cash).  

Go around 11-12, and you may get lucky like I did.  We had a private tour because no one else was there!

I’d allow a total of 2.5 hours for this, from the time you enter Page until you leave.

Here are some pix I took.  Enjoy!

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