Solo Transatlantic Crossing Day 7-The Epic


 I stayed out too late and drank too much last night. I’ve attached some pictures of the Ice Bar ($20) to this post.  For that, you get to freeze your ass off in a room refrigerated down to 17 degrees while sipping on almost pure vodka.  If you can handle more than 15 minutes, my hat’s off to you, which means you have to down one drink fast and wobble out of the bar with your second drink still in it’s frozen ice cone cup.  Fun?  Yeah, do it once!

Reluctantly, I hit the fitness center before I head out on the sun deck by the pool.  This is where I should have been all along!  The weather is perfect, mid 70’s with a nice breeze, and everyone’s out catching some rays.


I have an (excellent) salad made to order from the Atrium café and head down to the afternoon trivia event.  I do OK, but don’t win.


I soak in one of the many hot tubs on deck 15 and catch a few rays.  Then I head to Taste for dinner.  My tilapia isn’t so great.  I think this is my last meal at this place.  I’d rather watch some salad or omelet freshly prepared in the Garden Café’.


I can’t get into the Epic Room for the night’s entertainment (a magician), so it’s time for another complaint about NCL: I haven’t cruised a lot, but I don’t remember needing reservations for any show before.  It seems like to me if you have a captive audience, you should assume everyone wants to see the big shows, and that requires a big theater.  The Epic, for all its size, doesn’t have a huge theater, and as I have mentioned before I can’t imagine how many passengers would be disappointed if the ship were full, when even now 1/3 empty they can’t accommodate everyone.  Yes, there’s another show tonight, but once again they recommend reservations!


And another thing: The Headliners bar is used for a lot of the entertainment such as Second City TV.  Unless you arrive very early for the show, you simply won’t be able to see the stage clearly because the floor is not tiered and there are wide columns everywhere blocking the view of at least ¾ of the audience.

But I do enjoy the Legends of Rock concert, which features Whoopi Goldberg as an MC to intro 3 big acts: excellent impersonators of Jimmy Buffet, Donna Summer, and Michael Jackson.  They really do sound exactly like the real deal to me.

I have some wings at O’Sheehan’s late at night (they are open 24/7) and they’re actually good, and a good way to end the night after watching another hilarious Second City act (Living in America) and grooving to Charlie Love again.

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