President Trump- You’re Fired!

Mr. President:

Your employment with the United States of America is terminated effective immediately due to a lack of integrity, a flagrant disregard for international law, and your repeated failure to perform the duties of your position.

During your campaign, you were provided with a Job Description by those who elected you. The major expectations of your employers (we, the people) were as follows:

  • Avoid foreign wars
  • “Drain the Swamp”
  • Build the Wall
  • Repeal Obamacare
  • Bring jobs back to the USA

Based upon the promises you made to us, we had high hopes for your Presidency. Unfortunately, you have not delivered on any of those commitments. In fact, you haven’t even made an effort on some. Worse yet, you actually did the exact opposite of what you promised more than once!  Here are some specific examples of these deficiencies:

There’s more, much more, President Trump, but suffice it to say that when you’re willing to break international law to kill people, including innocent children, on the other side of the planet because you were fooled by a false flag attack, you have put the safety of every American at the risk of thermonuclear war with Russia, and so, for the good of the nation, we ask that you step down as Commander-in-Chief, because we are, in fact, tired of your so-called “winning”.  IOW, You’re fired!


The millions of Americans you betrayed

We can’t prove it right now, but it appears that you may have attacked Syria simply in order to bolster your pathetic image.  Or you may have done it because you’re being blackmailed, or because of your daughter’s emotional pleas. We don’t know for sure, but if any of that is true, you should be tried for the murder of the innocent people that you killed because you’re weak.

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9 Responses to President Trump- You’re Fired!

  1. Larry Glickman says:

    I’m sure you want to be true to your useless liberal beliefs so I suggest you start a bring back Hilary movement. You will have to catch her because she is busy spending all the “Foundation” money and having tweets with Obama about how happy they both are that President Trump is left with the mess in Syria and North Korea that they did nothing about. Or perhaps Rahm Emanuel the right hand man of Obama now the guy setting murder records in Chicago where they just hit 154 murders so far this year including a Black Judge today. Yep I can see why you long for the “Good Old Days”. I could go on but there seem to be “snow flakes” falling and I don’t way to catch cold.

  2. Jonathan says:

    Ha! So now I’m a liberal. That will come as a great shock to those who actually know me and occasionally read the blog. I’d have thought that you knew better yourself.

    • Larry Glickman says:

      Sorry you are just “confused”. What President in history has been able in the first 100 days keep all his promises or promise to never change course when the facts change? Zero! Only liberals live in that fantasy world so you have just become a “Pseudo Liberal” without even knowing it. Trump has Justice Gorsuch in there to protect the 2nd amendment and with luck another conservative Justice over time. Trump has the balls to face Putin and North Korea both of which were getting much worse and a direct threat. Illegal immigration is way down and many new manufacturing jobs have come back. More wall is better than no wall. A down size of the monster federal agencies is now on the table. Israel, Egypt, Jordan and other Allies in the Middle East and NATO are now supported. Taxes will be reduced. Healthcare is tough for anyone because the old system which bankrupted people with catastrophic diseases and had no provision for pre existing conditions was as bad as Obama care. Coming up with a new Bill will happen over time. President Trump gets 4 out of 5 stars from me because he is a conservative pragmatist dealing with half the country that thinks Socialism is the way to happiness and security because either they are plain stupid or so young they never traveled to Socialist countries as I have during the last “Cold War” and see what Socialism does to a country and its soul and freedoms. I’d give him 5 stars if he got a haircut!

  3. Jonathan says:

    You’re delusional. How is Russia a threat to the US? it is the USSA that has expanded NATO to Russia’s borders and conducted a coup against Ukraine. You have become a victim of neocon scaremongering. And NK has failed to launch any missile capable of hitting America. They are more China’s problem if anyone’s. BTW, Israel is no ally of the US, nor is Egypt a reliable partner. Your entire world view is actually based upon nothing more than the talking heads of CNN.

    And your optimism about tax reduction is completely unwarranted, especially in view of the fact that Trump has said himself that he wants health care handled first. You saw how well that went down the first time around.

    No, Trump has been turned by the Deep Statists and the Banksters. I am actually surprised and disappointed in him. I thought he’d at least put up a struggle, but this Syrian adventure, coming as it did only a few days after he’d said Assad could stay, can mean only one thing: he’s now working for the MIC and Israel, not the American people.

    Meet the new boss, same as the old boss, IOW.

  4. K says:

    As bad as Trump is, he is better than Hillary Clinton. When fake right-wingers make promises and fail to deliver, that is better than leftists who make promises AND deliver. The anger on the left is not that their leaders don’t keep promises, but that they don’t go far enough toward turning America into a socialist shithole. Just look at all the Bernie Sanders worshiping assholes out there. On the right, the anger is that there is NO conservative/libertarian agenda ever attempted, let alone implemented. Those positions are not on the table. They aren’t real. Nothing new. This is business as usual in America. A smart man positions his life and matters in such a way as to be minimally impacted by these FED run puppets in office. Also, I never thought I would see a day in my life where Russia has more individual liberties and a freer market than the United States.

    • Jonathan says:

      OK, he’s better than the Hildebeast, but that’s damning with faint praise indeed. Spot on about Russia…they’re the good guys now. Surreal.

      • Larry Glickman says:

        Oh yea Russia the “good guys” that would be funny if it weren’t so tragic. 1. Armed and facilitated Assad in killing 300,000 people mostly women and children.. 2. Wants the name Stalin restored since he killed millions of his own people and filled the gulags with any dissenters. 3. Putin assassinated his chief democratic rival this year on a bridge overlooking the Kremlin. 4. Flying nuclear capable bombers over Alaska and bragging he can destroy the world with the largest nuclear stockpile in the world while the Russian people outside the big cities are dirt poor and nobody except a few brave souls have freedom of speech. 5. Supporting not only IRAN but the Taliban in Afghanistan. If an ex KGB murderer is a “Good Guy” I shudder to think what you consider a bad guy to be.

        • Jonathan says:
          1. Syrian war began by the USSA at behest of Israel…in the planning for over a decade. 2. Stalin? Not the worst butcher in the USSR by any means. Try Kaganovich for a real taste of evil. Or even FDR or Churchill, for that matter. 3. An outright lie, unsupported by fact or even logic. That said, every US Prez has people assassinated, even national leaders if they challenge our hegemony. 4. Another lie. I’d like to see the link where a Russian bomber invaded US airspace. Never happened. Drink Kool Aid much? BTW, not much REAL freedom of speech in the West, either. 5. We support ISIS, we trained OBL, and we arm terrorists throughout the ME…including Israel. If this is what passes for the thought processes of the average American, I shudder to think how fast you’ll have us in a war. Of course, “us” is a euphemism. I’ve found people like you rarely volunteer to go into harm’s way once the bullets start to fly.
  5. K says:

    Putin banned the Jehovah’s Witnesses. They also banned Scientologists. Two cults that shouldn’t exist. Both of which are subversive to society and to the state. The gay community isn’t banned, but they have been put in their place. These are all good moves toward a healthier society. Putin and the new Russian leadership is hitting home run after home run. Putin has also cut down on the Jewish control over Russia, which is why Jews across the world hate Putin, and use every other criticism possible against him. They never cite this as their primary motivation for criticism, because like the vile scum that they are – they do not want to shed any light onto their culpability. Not everyone drinks the victim-class politics of guilt kool aid and accepts them as eternally innocent perpetual victims. Thus, people logically and rightfully ask – what did you do to get kicked out? What did you do to earn such a response? Instead, we hear these old, tired, nonfactual and dishonest regurgitated anti-Russian talking points right out of FOX/CNN.

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