Murder in Organ Pipe National Park

Have you ever heard of Kris Eggle?  I’d be surprised if you have.  I hadn’t, either, until I visited Organ Pipe National Monument this year.  That’s where I saw a small plaque that, God forgive me, made my blood boil.  

Plaque at Visitor’s Center Organ pipe N.M.

On August 9, 2002, Park Ranger Kris Eggle and Border patrol agents received a report from the Mexican police that some murderous thugs had gone on a crime spree and were last seen driving across the US Border at the southern end of the park.  They immediately went in pursuit of these criminals, and, in the intervening gunfight, Kris was fatally wounded.  One of the banditos was gunned down by Mexican authorities when he tried to escape by re-entering that country, and the other was captured here in the USA and sentenced to 15 1/2 years in prison.

Kris was an Eagle Scout, his high school class valedictorian, and was a cross-county athlete for the University of Michigan.  He’d won numerous awards for his service to the National Park system and was well liked and respected by his pals at the Ranger Station.  In other words, he was an all-American boy…but he didn’t live to see his 30th birthday thanks to our sieve-like border.

So now one of America’s best is gone.  The dead thug got what he richly deserved, but the other one cooled his heels in a penitentiary at taxpayer expense while, no doubt, an endless round of appeals courtesy of the ACLU clogged up our court system to free him so he could go back home and do it all again.  And our border is still a haven for free-range illegals.

This kind of story makes me hopping mad, not only because of the murder itself, but even more by the indifference of the news media and our politicians to these everyday (yes, they are nearly everyday) tragedies inflicted inside our country by foreign invaders.  Instead of worrying about the officers and citizens they are sworn to support, these Quislings focus on the “rights” of the invaders themselves while insisting that “they do the jobs we won’t do”.  I suppose that’s true, because I have yet to hear of any American gunning down a Canadian Mountie with an AK-47 while illegally crossing their border fresh from a crime spree here in our own country.  

Nor do I think they intend to do anything about it in the future, because, as of today, the border is still pretty much wide open, and neither side of the aisle seems to be in a hurry to seal it up, regardless of Donald Trump’s bloviating.  As we speak, all it takes to cross the border illegally into our country is some wire cutters and a pair of sneakers.  And once these aliens enter, they are showered with gifts rather than deported back to their home countries pronto.  So it’s no surprise that we have the FSA (Free Shit Army) crossing the border illegally by the millions each year.

But while they claim they can’t free up even one tenth of one percent of my tax money for a wall to protect our own border (about $5B requested by Trump vs a nearly 5T dollar 2020 budget), we have plenty of cash to keep the Coast Guard patrolling the South China Sea to keep Japan happy.  That’s right, the freakin’ Coast Guard.  In Asia!  For Japan!  But nothing to keep the people in the USA safe from the drug dealers, murderers, terrorists, and diseases that pour across our southern border…Every.  Single.  Day.

Warning Sign at Arch Canyon Trailhead, Organ pipe N.M.

So the next time someone starts virtue-signaling to you about illegal aliens, tell them about Kris Eggle.  Remember Bambi Larson, who was stabbed to death courtesy of a previously deported illegal with a long criminal history.  And have them ask me about my good friend, whose son was killed by an illegal alien drunk driver who’s now back on our streets.  These are all real people who aren’t breathing anymore thanks to our do-nothing, know-nothing, lying politicians, their corporate donors, and their media enablers.   They don’t seem to care so long as they live in a guard-gated “bubble world” free from the troubles and turmoil of the teeming masses outside their fenced compounds who have to deal with this shit, plus overburdened resources and lost jobs, all the time.  When is enough enough? 

Organ Pipe Cactus

Back to Organ Pipe N.M., while I was there (3/19), I was stopped at border patrol checkpoints well inside the USA and passed more than a few border patrol cars on my way into an out of the area.  I noticed buses and trucks pulled over for human cargo inspections on the side of the road and I saw lots of signs warning about illegal aliens in the area.  That’s all for the good, because the park cannot survive the ecological damage caused by illegal border crossings even if we wanted to turn a blind eye to the human cost of our open border folly.  These cacti grow only in a narrow band of land in the Sonoran desert of southwest Arizona at a precise elevation. They exist nowhere else in our country. The park is listed as a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve for good reason, home to many rare and endangered plant and animal species. It is a beautiful place.  Let’s not turn it into Mexico.

Sunset over Saguaros, Organ Pipe N.M.

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