Sedona is a pleasant town.  The streets are clean and the water right out of the tap is good.  There are excellent restaurants, chic shopping venues, and a host of outdoor activities to enjoy…and you can enjoy all of it throughout the year.  

I loved the red rock and mountain formations in the area, and I loved the climate.  I grew up in Arizona, and it was nice to get back to the higher elevations where you can breath easy even in the middle of summer (yes, it gets hot-but there’s hot, and then there’s Phoenix hot).  I hiked around one of those rusty sandstone peaks (Bell Rock), and enjoyed the cool air on my skin.

Chapel of the Holy Cross

You can drive to the Grand Canyon and back in a single day from there.  I made the trip from Vegas in a few hours myself, so it’s pretty convenient to “attractions”, as the tourist industry likes to say.

There isn’t any “wow” moment in Sedona.  It’s just a quiet place that’s easy on the eyes and makes you want to get outside and exercise.  It’s like a soothing balm for the soul.  Sometimes that’s good enough. 

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